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Offering Second-Hand refurbished buildings subject to availability and New Builds direct from the Factory:

  • Office Accommodation
  • Marketing Suites
  • Retail Outlets

Office Spaces and Buildings with Modular Aspects are:

sourced – designed – built offsite – delivered – installed – set up – ready to go! 

The only thing missing is the Office Staff and Managers.  Our Team will keep your project managed and organised, staying on time and under budget through our network of trusted subcontractors.  

Why a Modular Build?

There are many reasons to use a modular construction over a traditional build.

The obvious benefits include Modular Buildings being

  • a more budget friendly option.
  • a much faster construction and streamlined installation process often cutting traditional build times by more than 50%.
  • No waiting on building delays or issues with traditional delays like weather and man power.
Managers Office
For a small business Modular Buildings are able to be modified and expanded upon later down the line without complete interruptions in working conditions like a traditional construction would require. A Modular Workspace can grow alongside your business adding spaces when needed.

For a large business or corporation, Modular Buildings are being used for satellite offices up and down the country. Modulars provide a much faster and cost effective way of creating new branches, offices, warehouses and more contact us today to find out more.

A Selection of Buildings Available Right Now

We have many more buildings in our stocklist that have slightly longer lead times just enquire today to find the right fit for your project.

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