Why Modular?

Modular Buildings are quickly becoming more prevalent in the construction industry, previously the main use was for temporary accommodation and as ‘on site’ work welfare, following advancements in materials and technology within the modular building industry it makes more sense to use modular buildings for a multitude of applications and reasons.

From Retail to Workshops, Housing to Offices and everything in-between a modular building can be designed with anything in mind think of them as a blank canvas.

Modular Buildings are cost effective with all the benefits of a new build, without the delays and costs of traditional building. Thanks to new methods no compromise on visuals.

Buying Modular

When we provide a quote we will show you exactly what is required for the completion of the modular building project. We can then manage as much of the process as you would like. We will help and advise throughout the project.

Clarity & Simplicity when buying with Modular Aspects, we can provide advice about the whole process.

Hiring Modular

Means a minimal upfront cost but still provides a flexible space with the option to add / remove space or even purchase after initial hire period.

Installation and removal is quick and efficient, much faster than traditional builds or refurbishing.

Hiring is ideal for temporary workspaces, expanding businesses and for testing new locations

Hiring a Modular Building gives you flexibility and peace of mind.

Selling Modular

On receipt of your building information we will:

Contact you to discuss the timescale & site restrictions, visit you to evaluate the building and provide a free site survey.

Issue an offer which states exactly what we will do and what may need to be arranged by yourselves, pay a deposit and issue our health & safety plan for the project.

Agree a programme of works to remove the building and complete any ancillary works, manage the removal of your building, and then pay the full amount.

Selling your modular building can be a challenge, Modular Aspects make the process simple

Modular Aspects is the online marketplace for modular buildings, we work with sellers and buyers. Matching requirements to available buildings provides a fair price to both parties.